Sunshine Solutions, LLC.

Sunshine Solutions, LLC. is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business of Nashville Tenn. Founded in late 2017, two former Army officers realized the potential being missed with CBDs. In an effort to help with the opioid epidemic plaguing the United States and the increase in Veteran suicides, Sunshine Solutions came into existence.

There has been much speculation about the healing effects associated with hemp, but there is an abundance of personal testimonials which guarantee the results. We understand CBDs are not a catch-all, but for those of us who have carried 100lb. ruck sacks on our back for several miles, jumped from planes at thousands of feet and had our bodies tested by decades of war and training, it seems senseless to us to not at least try alternative methods outside of addictive and potentially fatal prescription drugs. The Department of Veterans Affairs has struggled to mitigate pharmaceutical dependency and we intend to help by any means necessary.

You do not have to have served your country in a foreign land to suffer. We all fall victim to time and these products help make that process less painful. 

Mission statements – Provide safe, legal, high quality products to those in need; give back to the local, national and international communities through charitable donations, sponsorship and community outreach; constantly strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Company policies – 

-Be transparent and ensure local, State and Federal authorities have access to all compliance information; 

-No one under the age of 18 purchases products; 

-Promote product and industry education to reduce the stigma surrounding hemp community; 

-Be forward thinking and encourage customer, employee and contractor feedback.